Based on the characteristics of your company, we study the target market, your competitors and potential customers. MARKET RESEARCH Market research is a tool to assess a company, to test its products and customers’ expectations. Through the results coming from market research you can define: total size of reference market of products and/or services provided, market trend, future scenarios, assessment about a new product launch, anticipating your customers’ needs. The contact strategies used in doing market research are often several and multidirectional in order to reach an important and representative sample, according to the research purposes. Spotting distribution channels of one’s products and services, and developing effective sales techniques. In this procedure spotting the company’s strengths, choosing the reference market, selecting and identifying the target customer, optimizing production, management and sales costs, developing a promotion and assistance strategy are included. COMPETITORS' ANALYSIS Analysing competitors in marketing as well as in strategic business management is an assessment of your current and potential competitors’ strengths and weaknesses. We carry out competitors’ analysis to provide companies with all the necessary information to constantly empower their strategies and improve their ranking on the market, thus getting a competitive advantage. MARKETING ACTIONS According to your company’s characteristics, we analyse the reference market, your competitors and potential customers. After taking into account different alternatives, we show you a full action plan with several strategies to present your company in order to invest fewer energies, by reducing costs and optimizing earnings. We help you optimize management costs and improve your company’s productivity.